The IoTMADLab aims to evaluate the ease of integration of IoT devices from different manufacturers and municipal areas. To ensure compatibility with the IoT architecture chosen for the city of Madrid and/or the interoperability of the devices, the laboratory performs a series of tests, issuing the corresponding reports on the result of the tested functionalities. Devices with favorable reports are incorporated into the municipal catalog.

Conductivity, salinity and temperature probe

Measurement probe for conductivity (temperature-compensated and non-compensated), salinity, and temperature. Requires connection to a Libelium device for data management, suitable for urban/industrial water treatment and monitoring of surface, marine, or aquaculture waters. Year of market release: More information


Outdoor multisensor

This multisensor, connected via cable to a gateway from the same manufacturer, transmits measurement data of parameters such as temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, as well as specific parameters like air pressure, ultraviolet radiation, and illumination level. Year of market release:


Libelium ONE

Libelium One, a low-power wireless IoT gateway, enables continuous monitoring across various IoT applications with automatic sensor detection. It allows remote configuration via the Libelium platform and is easily installed on walls or poles, compatible with solar panels for enhanced efficiency. Year of market release: More information


Mini Gateway

The PE Smart Urban Network Gateway coordinates devices and data, managing wireless IoT and integrates with WiFi and PoE devices. It provides backend connectivity for sensor-based applications and services in smart city infrastructures. Year of market release: More Information



Coordinator of PE Smart Urban Network, handles wireless IoT and high-speed LoT technologies, facilitating sensor-based applications and data-intensive services within an integrated smart city infrastructure. Year of release date: More information


smart spot core wifi

Libelium Smart Spot, con sus dos modelos, proporciona soluciones integradas para Smart Cities, enfocadas en reducir la congestión, garantizar la seguridad de multitudes y promover la salud pública. Su diseño unificado de sensores y capacidades en un solo dispositivo optimiza la instalación, mantenimiento, gestión y comunicaciones. Year of market release: More information:


Surface parking sensor

High-performance wireless sensor for vehicle detection in smart parking applications, using terrestrial magnetism and radiofrequency for maximum accuracy. Easily mountable on road surfaces, it has a battery life of up to 10 years. It features IP67 protection, making it resistant to adverse weather conditions and high mechanical demands Year of market release: More information


smart parking node

The smart parking node detects status changes (available/occupied) and transmits the information to the LoRaWAN base station. The sent data is accessible from the Libelium Cloud platform. Year of market release: More information


Urban trash

Urban trash designed for streets, parks, and green areas, equipped with an anti-flood top cover, integrated ashtray, and an optional canine bag dispenser. It accommodates smart fill-level sensors for status monitoring and vandalism detection (impacts, fires, etc.). Year of market release: More information

Cleaning and waste management