IoT technology can be used in a wide variety of smart services in a city to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of municipal public services

Ámbito Personas


Interaction of people and their devices with those of the city’s IoT and municipal services

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Ámbito Limpieza y Residuos

Cleaning and waste management

Monitoring of containers, garbage cans, garbage cans, sweepings, sweeping, and clean points

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Ámbito Zonas verdes

Green areas, parks, and gardens

Monitoring and management of equipment and facilities and their use, as well as trees, flora and fauna, irrigation, water and energy meters

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Ámbito Infraestructuras

Urban facilities

Management and maintenance of furniture, fountains, galleries, tunnels and other city facilities

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Security and emergencies

Monitoring of activity in public spaces to enhance citizen safety and improve emergency response

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El Retiro está conquistado por los


Monitoring of biodiversity air quality, atmospheric conditions, and light pollution

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Management of elements related to urban mobility (e.g. SER, APR, ZBE, parking spaces, connected traffic lights, EMT, BiciMad)

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Urban spaces

Monitoring of licenses, authorizations, responsible declarations and previous communications to verify compliance (urban planning, activities, taxes, public road occupations)

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Lighting installations for exterior and interior environments and building illumination

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Energy management of all types of facilities

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Equipment to ensure secure connectivity

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