Equipment to ensure secure connectivity

For the interconnection of the elements in the network, gateways are needed to securely link the elements located in one area with the rest of the network and with the management and operation platforms.

Practical applications for this type of services

Devices and technologies for the following applications of this family of services will be validated in the laboratory.

Libelium ONE

Libelium One, a low-power wireless IoT gateway, enables continuous monitoring across various IoT applications with automatic sensor detection. It allows remote configuration via the Libelium platform and is easily installed on walls or poles, compatible with solar panels for enhanced efficiency. Year of market release: More information


Mini Gateway

The PE Smart Urban Network Gateway coordinates devices and data, managing wireless IoT and integrates with WiFi and PoE devices. It provides backend connectivity for sensor-based applications and services in smart city infrastructures. Year of market release: More Information



Coordinator of PE Smart Urban Network, handles wireless IoT and high-speed LoT technologies, facilitating sensor-based applications and data-intensive services within an integrated smart city infrastructure. Year of release date: More information


Smart spot core wifi

Libelium Smart Spot, with its two models, offers integrated solutions for Smart Cities, aimed at reducing congestion, ensuring crowd safety, and promoting public health. Its unified design of sensors and capabilities in a single device optimizes installation, maintenance, management, and communications. Year of market release: More information

Mota de comunicación para aplicaciones IoT

IoT Communication Motes

The PE IoT Engine is a sub-GHz IPv6/6LoWPAN communication module, used in IoT solutions and smart cities. It handles network events such as joining 6LoWPAN mesh networks, sending/receiving, and encrypting data. It requires integration into an application board with external sensors or actuators for its use. Year of Market Release:



The IoT technology can be used in a wide range of smart city services to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of municipal public services.