Libelium ONE

Libelium One, a low-power wireless IoT gateway, enables continuous monitoring across various IoT applications with automatic sensor detection. It allows remote configuration via the Libelium platform and is easily installed on walls or poles, compatible with solar panels for enhanced efficiency.

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Libelium ONE

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the IoTMADLAB? 

It is a public-private and social collaboration initiative promoted by the Digital Office, attached to the General Coordination of the Mayor's Office, which is financed by the Madrid Business Forum and is materialized through the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and with the participation of technology companies, device manufacturers and operators of municipal and city services and incorporating the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem and the users of the services.   

When was the IoTMADLAB created and where is it? 

On June 29, 2022, the General Coordinator of the Mayor's Office and the Rector of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid signed an agreement for the application of technologies related to Internet of Things networks in municipal and city services through the Center for Comprehensive Home Automation from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid ( 

In September 2023, an addendum was signed in which the time horizon is extended and 5G corridors and cybersecurity of IoT devices and networks are incorporated.   



The IoT technology can be used in a wide range of smart city services to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of municipal public services.