Tender issued for the core of the network for the 5G Corridors


December 05, 2023

The 5G working group of IoTMADLab, led by the School of Telecommunication Engineering at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, has announced a tender for the deployment of a private 5G STAND-ALONE network in the FR1 (<6GHz) and FR2 (26 GHz) bands.

The tender, which falls within the scope of the agreement between the UPM and the Madrid City Council for the IoTMADLab and is funded by NextGen funds, focuses on the following use cases:

  • Production of digital content distributed via 5G network.
  • Intelligent merging of local actors in remote environments.
  • Vehicle mobility in scenarios of high speed and density.
  • Operation and communication of drones over 5G infrastructures and 6G technology.

The infrastructure will form the core of the 5GMADnet network, in which pre-commercial use cases and products will be developed by members of the Madrid City 5G Forum. Initially, it will cover the facilities of the Higher Technical School of Telecommunication Engineers, in various bands and with capabilities for Edge Computing and IoT. It will be able to apply concepts such as Network Slicing and bandwidths of 1Gbps in upstream, among others.

It is planned that this network will provide coverage in various Smart Urban Spaces, where the SIMs will have the full capacity of this network. However, it is expected that it can be extended through public operator infrastructures.

More details: 5G Madrid Space